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The characteristic “vathres” of Samothrace are natural pools with crystal clear cool waters which are formed by big waterfalls and little cascades. Their beauty is difficult to describe in words, but they undoubtedly promise you the most invigorating swimming.

The “Fonias” is famous for its first cataract 15 meters high. Its natural waterfalls can be described as part of a fairytale and are suitable for swimming. To reach the first waterfall you have to walk from the bridge “Fonias” as the starting point (5 kilometers far from the village Loutra) and continue along the riverbank on a path with overgrown trees and ferns.

“Gria Vathra”, one of the oldest springs of the island, forms beautiful little “vathres” which are close to each other. The starting point of the path for “Gria Vathra” is connected with asphalt and paved road close to the village Loutra (1kilometer). You can arrive at the first “vathra” after walking a little beside the stream and under the shade of old trees.

The starting point of the very-very short path for the first “vathra” of “Paradise” is connected with a paved road to the village Loutra (about 800 meters). You can reach the second “vathra” of the green “Paradise” directly by following the path that passes in front of our rooms.

You can climb to the “vathra” of “Christ” or “Grigoraki” by following the path through the “Gria Vathra” (1.5 kilometer away from Loutra) or by driving the uphill dirt road opposite the municipal camping (2.5 kilometers asphalt and 6 kilometers rough dirt road). The landscape here resembles the landscape of “Gria Vathra” but only from certain “vathres” of “Christ” you can enjoy spectacular view of the sea.

In the gorge of “Xiropotamos” between the cliffs there is a very impressive hidden waterfall with a sizable “vathra”. To reach the first waterfall, you have to park your car in village “Xiropotamos” (23 kilometers far from Therma) and follow the path alongside the irrigation pipe.

“Piges” or else “Nerotsoulithres” are called some “vathres” of “Fonias” which are quite high in the mountains. If you want to entertain yourselves in those natural water slides, you need to drive for 9 kilometers of asphalt and then 6 kilometers of rough dirt road (from Loutra) and then climb following carefully the signs.

In the gorge of “Vatos” you can climb starting from the “Vatos” beach (accessible by boat) and following the ravine. The “Vatos” waterfalls offer a unique spectacle as they look like stairs.

The “Kremastos” is the tallest waterfall in the Mediterranean (83 meters) and flows into the sea. It locates near the beach of “Vatos” and can be reached only by boat.

Hiking trails

The peak of “Saos” Mountain is called “Fegari” and is the third highest peak in the Aegean Sea (1.611 meters). The path to “Fegari” passes in front of our accommodation. It requires walking about 3 hours, but the view from the highest point in the northern Aegean will reward you.

Archaeological sites / museums

The Archaeological Museum is located in Paleopolis (7.5 kilometers from Loutra). A copy of the statue of Nike of Samothrace is exposed in the museum and in the archaeological site of Samothrace you can find the ancient Sanctuary of the Great Gods where Kaveiria mysteries used to take place.

The Towers of Samothrace (Towers Gattilusi) are in Chora, Paleopolis and at the bank of “Fonias” river and dated to the mid 15th century. They took their name from the Genoese conquerors of Samothrace, the Gattilusi, who built the towers in strategic locations for protection from pirates.

You can find the Folklore Museum of Samothrace in Chora, the picturesque capital of the island (11 kilometers away from Loutra).


Virgin “Krimniotissa” on the south side of the island stands towering above the beach “Pachia Ammos” offering a breathtaking view.

The church “Dormition of the Virgin” is located in “Chora” and dates back to 1875. There are kept the skulls of the five Saints Martyrs of Samothrace.


If you stay in our rent rooms you can visit the beach of “Loutra” or “Therma” on foot (700 meters).On the road you can rest under the trees’ shades and the benches. “Loutra” beach is a beach with clear water, organized and non-organized part and overlooks the green Saos.

“Kipos” is a unique beach with wild beauty and small round, dark pebbles. It is quite large and at the west edge huge rocks form little caves. It is 15 kilometers far from the village Loutra and from there you can see the opposite island of Imvros.

The “Pachia Ammos” is a long sandy beach in the southern part of the island. It is organized but there is enough free space. It is 30 kilometers far from the Loutra village.

The “Vatos” is a secluded beach with fine white pebbles and turquoise waters, accessible by boat.


The island is famous for its delicious local products. Here you can taste…

  • the famous goat of Samothrace (in various recipes, but also in the most traditional version stuffed with chopped giblets, rice and local herbs)
  • fresh fish and seafood
  • local types of cheese
  • “manti” (dumplings)
  • “gorgi” (bread)
  • “praousti” dessert (dessert made by “praousti” fruit)
  • “chaslama” (dessert) and more.